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About Us

The first thing we usually hear is: "What does crass mean? Is it even a word?" Yes, it is!

Crass · /kras/

adjective, crass·er, crass·est.
1. Lacking sensitivity or refinement.
"While chasing his new toy, the crass little kitten ran straight into the wall."



We know that being a pet owner is having the responsibility to provide a great lifestyle for your cat. That's why we offer great prices on trending toys loved by cats around the world as well as personal care, grooming and home care items! Our mission is to make it easy for you to give your cat the life it deserves!


The idea for this community of cat lovers began in 2016. We had a lot of knowledge and experience but were busy fostering more than 30 cats! In the end we found good homes for most of them but 5 of the original group and one lone survivor of his litter are part of our family and Crass Cat models.